Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm Done!!

I am officially finished my 2 year diploma for Textile Arts!!!! We have a grad show coming up and the opening is May 13th.

Here or There?

One of my favorite places in my hometown is Golden Ears Park. When ever I get stressed out, bummed out, or just want to be out in the sunshine (or in this case liquid sunshine) I drive up to the lake. One of the reasons I love this Provincial park is the fact that it is only a 20min drive from my house. You go from city to country in no time.

For my final 3D project for school I decided I would take a pair of socks that I knitted by hand and take photos of them in places that I long to be in.

I met a nice fisherman on the dock in the above photo, who had no luck. It was his first day on this lake, Mike Lake but he said he had a good time anyways.

Even though I spent the afternoon trekking around the park in the on and off rain, I really enjoyed myself and I felt less stressed out about school. I feel that the photographs really reflect my longing to be in nature, but I always feel tied to the city because of convenience.


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