Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm going to be the happiest textile girl ever!

Last week my teacher told us that we are allowed to borrow equipment from school for over the summer! I was so excited to hear this because the "equipment" includes drum carders! Why is this so great you ask? Well, I am addicted to spinning. I have more fleece than a herd of sheep. hehe. So, I was a little concerned that I would have to hand card (slowest method ever!) all my fleece before I could spin it. Which would seriously slow down my production over the summer, for my Etsy shop. But, never fear! I will have a drum carder here! (I talked about the drum carder in a previous post). That will also give me more inspiration for blog posts, which will be nice because I've been slacking a bit. Well, wish me luck on lugging that thing home! Here is a picture of something random, just to add some interest to the post! *wink*


SewMamaLady said...

That's freakin' awesome! Yay for you! :) You'll have to let us all know how it goes. I'm going to try to convince my hub that instead of another gift certificate for Mother's Day, he could get me a drum carder. lol Sneaky huh.

carmine studio said...

greatest idea ever! ... now all i need is a hub that will buy ME one.. lol


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