Saturday, August 29, 2009

Indigo Day

Last Monday, well.. not LAST Monday, but the Monday before that, I went over to Janna's house for an Indigo Party. There were quite a few of us, mostly from my Textile Arts course at Capilano University, including Ana from "Dreamy Isabel". We had a great time! I've never seen so many things dyed Indigo, even on our very first day of dying with this wonderful vat at school. I did dye a few ounces of Merino and a local sheep fleece from Ontario (from a Craftster swap) and they turned out beautifully, but unfortunately I haven't taken pictures of the fleece yet (hopefully tomorrow), but I DO have some pictures of the party.

You can see my local sheep roving on the back corner of the drying rack. hehe

A beautiful dress dyed indigo. It was originally white.


The Twins said...

wow thats seems really cool. I'm not familiar with these indigo days so what do you do just dye things indigo?

Dreamy Isabel said...

love it! It was so much fun hanging with textile babes :)

carmine studio said...

The Twins: more or less. There is magic in creating an Indigo vat, because there are so many factors in it's success. Also, Indigo is one of the only natural blue dyes.

Dreamy Isabel: me too!


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