Saturday, August 29, 2009

Acid Dyes! Finally!

All of my at home dyeing has been with either Kool-Aid or food coloring. It's not that I haven't had the knowledge or skills to use professional acid dyes, but I just never got around to mixing the stock solutions, until last Tuesday. I bought the acid dyes awhile ago, (I didn't realize it was in January until I connected the link to the post! wow! hehe) and because you have to take quite a few safety precautions, ie. particulate mask, big rubber gloves, etc I've stuck with the easier methods like Kool-aid (plus the Kool-aid smells good *wink*)

Anyways, I played around a bit with the acid dyes, and I forgot that the blue takes awhile to "stick" to the fleece, so a lot of my reds were supposed to be purples. I know next time I will probably over dye instead of just mixing the red and blue together to get purple. Or maybe buy a purple dye to save time. Here are a few pictures from my wonderful and colorful day.

Local Sheep fleece from Ontario, Canada

Local Sheep Fleece from Ontario, Canada



Every time I try to be adventurous when I dye, and use different colors together that are not in the same color family, ie. complimentary I always end up with "Swamp Fleece":



Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the "Swamp Fleece", but It would be nice to have some pretty colors like you see in the stores or on Etsy. I think I'm going to try drum carding the "Swamp Fleece" and see if it makes it any better. hehe


Dreamy Isabel said...

you're too cute! Love all of it, including the "swamp" fleece :)

carmine studio said...

haha thank you!


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