Sunday, September 13, 2009

Indigo Day - part 2

This is a continuation from this post where I blogged about my Indigo Day with a few lovely ladies from my Textile Art program. In the post I mentioned that I also dyed some fleece. Well, here it is:

Left: Merino, Middle: Local sheep from Ontario, Right: Merino dyed in a Potassium vat

I absolutely LOVE the merino! I've have very little experience spinning with merino, and now that I've worked with it more (mostly dyeing), I need to buy another pound of it! lol I'm hoping to work up the courage to spin these lovely braids, but it's hard when they are so soft and squishy the way they are. Sometimes I spin too tight and it takes away some of the squishy feeling.

I wish the Merino on the right would have turned out darker. The dye vat it's self is a very very dark brown, and when I dipped the fleece in, it soaked it up right away, but when I pulled the fleece out, it was how you see it now. I'm not sure if I should have soaked it in a mordant before I died it, but we have never had to do that with fabric before. I don't see why fleece would be treated differently. We have more vats at school, so maybe I will have to try again.

Coming Soon: Cedar Bark dyeing

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Janna said...

must be because the postassium permangenate is an alkaline dye and the wool needs some acidity.



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