Wednesday, December 17, 2008

spinning progress!

yay! I finally finished plying some fiber I dyed in November (I think, it might have even been late october! haha)
The skein on the left is 113 yards of hand dyed, 2-ply, Corridale. The skein on the right is 110 yards of hand dyed 2-ply, Corridale. I don't have names for them yet because I can never think of anything really clever, so suggestions are welcome! :)

I also spun up a small skein of single ply thick and thin yarn from a hand carded batt. The dark green fiber is Perendale, the pink is Corridale (hand dyed), and the white is Polworth. The skein is a total of 18 yards. I'm thinking of calling this one "English Rose Garden".

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