Thursday, January 29, 2009


On Monday morning before class M and I went touring downtown Vancouver taking pictures of monuments for our Art History class. We just "happened" to make a "quick" (I don't think you could ever just pop into this store! lol) stop at Jefferson's. The catch is, you have to either have a business account with them or spend a minimum of $50 (CAD). This isn't as hard as it may seem. All the prices are about 1/2 the cost of retail (yay!) so it's easy to get carried away, especially because they don't price anything. That's right, nothing is priced! lol. It can be a little scary, when you look at your basket and wonder what the bill is going to look like. lol.
Here is what I bought for just under $40:

- Eucalan (no rinse "soap")
-Pinking shears
-Quilting square
-Clear plastic bobbins (for sewing machine)
-Angelina sparkly fiber
-Shiney embroidery thread

I think that's quite a bit for $40, considering just the pinking shears can cost up to, or even more than $40.

The store was amazing! There was 2 full rows (that's 4 long walls) of JUST thread. 3 walls of buttons (and these walls were about 7+ feet tall and super long (I don't know how long in feet! lol)). If you're in Vancouver and love "crafting" supplies I would definetly recommend this place. Just make sure you have a few hours. lol.

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