Saturday, January 17, 2009

something new!

Caution: May contain TOO many pictures

Last friday, we learned how to weave! I finally remembered to bring my camera this friday, so that I could take pictures of my progress.
We started on a Woolhouse Tools (Canadian company!) table loom and next semester we will be on floor looms. (We do have the option of switching to a floor loom half way through this class for our final project, which I might do because I have a loom at home. Then I would only have to go to class in the mornings)

(my loom)

So, yesterday (friday) I got quite a bit of weaving done. I really liked doing patterns, and I think that will be where my main focus is. A lot of my classmates where using different weft objects, such as plastic bags, cloth, leather, fishing line, raffia, etc. Some of it looked ok, but I'm more of a fan of "traditional" weaving. Just plain 'ol yarn on yarn! lol But I did get a little "crazy" with the weft.
(click on the picture to enlarge it)

I used pipe cleaner and ribbon! (check this out, I found it while searching for a picture of pipe cleaners! lol)

(close up of pipe cleaner. so cute!)

I really liked how the pipe cleaner turned out, except the sharp little ends. If I were to use it in the future, I don't know how I could keep the ends from poking me. Maybe fold it back and wrap it around it's self? Please leave suggestions in the comment box. :)

While playing around I also developed my own pattern. I'm sure it's been done somewhere or at some point in the history of weaving (considering weaving dates back to at least 5000 B.C.) BUT, I drafted it on graph paper and wove it myself. So I'm calling it mine, until further notice. :)

Here is a close up

When I was drawing (writing/drafting?) up the pattern I originally wanted large circles, but I think I needed to take in consideration that I was working on a 10 e.p.i. (ends per inch)

I should have created something that was more spaced out or wove it on a bigger e.p.i. OR developed a pattern that had a different heedle set up (I think I'm getting too ahead of myself now! lol)

Next week we are finishing our samplers and moving on to color! I can't wait! I think we are also going to learn how to do more complicated patterns. I'm pretty excited about that too! So I'll try my best to remember my camera so I can overload another post with pictures.

Side note: I'm going to Maiwa today for school supplies, and also some acid dyes so I can dye more fleece (the Shetland I have coming in the mail!) and yarn.

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Shiny Black Shoes said...

It looks great, I love the one where you designed your own pattern...looks fantastic!


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