Thursday, January 29, 2009


It's amazing what happens when you actually follow the directions!
As you remember from this post, the fleece was quite dirty. Not as dirty as some of the fleeces I have seen, and also, not as white and fluffy as it is now!!!!

The method I used was:

-Fill sink with SUPER hot water (make sure you have gloves)
-Add a squeeze of dish soap
-Add fleece
-Do NOT man handle
-Let it sit for about 20mins (don't let the water go cold)
-Take out fleece (or use a another sink)(try not to let the water run on the fleece, this could lead to felting)
-Drain and add fresh SUPER hot water
-Let fleece soak for about 15mins (again, don't let it get cold)

I found it somewhere online and unfortunately I don't remember where so I can't credit the person. I can't wait to spin this Shetland fleece and also dye it. I just can't decide if I want to dye it as it is, or spin it first. I might do both :)

I also washed some Alpaca that Jana traded me using the same above method and it worked fairly well, but I think I should have opened up the locks a little better

I also think a few runs through the drum carder will help as well.

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